— B.R, Los Angeles  Gratitude 


“Farrah is a true angel. After being incarcerated for nineteen years, and living an institutional life for more years than I’ve been free… I never thought true freedom and redemption were possible. She has a deep ability to see people beyond their crime, pain and fear. She see’s me authentically. We connect on a soul-to-soul level. She brings her joy, wisdom, light and skills to a dark prison and to a population that is often forgotten. Before my work with Farrah, I was a scared little boy, fighting my way through life. All I ever wanted was to feel seen, heard and loved. I was broken, hurt and defeated…lacking confidence. She helped alter the lens through which I see myself and others. Working with her as led me to shed limiting beliefs, fears, and self-judgement that were holding me back from recognizing my true, real, purest self. I walk taller now, confidently as a leader. My ability to take responsibility for the things I experience in life has been an important shift. I have more integrity, I’m a better father and I’m a leader. Farrah taught me a major life lesson, when life happens and I get triggered, I realize know that life is happening for me and not to me and that it’s all for my personal growth and learning. I feel more purposeful and I realize more than anything… I matter and I am important. Although I have a life sentence, I feel free!”

— M. B., Valley State Prison for Men

“Farrah Marisa is one of the most unique, impactful, and powerful people I’ve met. Doing any sort of transformational or introspective work can be scary, vulnerable, and even intimidating at times. Starting my own business was scary and not only did she help me create the vision but she is a master at seeing my blind spots and supporting me in getting out of my own way. One of my biggest recommendations for working with Farrah is that she never stops seeing her clients as the highest level of themselves no matter what and she is a true advocate for growth, change and transformation. I wanted to do this for years but never had the courage to do so. The tools she gave me were practical, tangible and life changing. There’s a comfort and ease in sharing what you’re going through as your faults are not only welcomed, but seen and embraced as gifts to assist you on your journey. She is an innate leader and true advocate for calling people forward to live more meaningful and happy lives. Through her transparency, wisdom and lazar intuition, she took a stand for me."

— B.R, Los Angeles  

"Farrah has provided me with insights and clarity about myself that I haven't ever considered throughout my entire life. She gently brings them up and they provide such wisdom and inspiration that I honestly am blown away. I am a big believer that as I'm trying to reach my goals I need to address a lot of the fear within myself, and she has such a great way of coaching my inner self as well as my future-thinking self. She's outgoing, fun and motivating and I can't think of a better partner to help me through this transition in my life. She also has such a great mix of business-savviness and spirituality and has so many tools to help me with whatever I'm going through. She keeps me really focused and supported and I am so thankful that I met her and that I am working with her!"

— A.F., Los Angeles